In just a brief moment it became clear that Dr. Bhoot is an exceptionally tender physician.
And he listened to me. And when he was done listening to me, he explained my treatment plan so well to me that I now have all the confidence I need to move forward with treatment.

– Michelle C. (Yelp)

If you have a choice on surgeons, I definitely recommend consulting Dr. Toomari.
– Miguel G. (Yelp)

Highly Recommended, from 1st moment he made us feel very comfortable Dr. Bhoot, He is very knowledgeable and explained very well, I have been scheduled for surgery with him very trustworthy,and most of all we liked his honesty and P.S and he has a great staff.
– Arpi N. (Yelp)

I am speechless about the professionalism and skills Dr Nojan Toomari presents. My father received exceptional care . The doctor and office is very proficient with efficiency. I would recommend every one I know to Dr. Toomari. He goes way beyond the required duty of care and is readily available. I received much comfort knowing that my fathers life was under is care. He is truly the best.It warms my heart to know that these kind of doctors exist.
– Rene C. (Yelp)

I look forward to the few more follow up visits I have with Dr. Bhoot. I’m healing well and he continues to educate me with pictures, diagrams and even videos of similar surgeries. It’s alway a pleasure.
– Jordan M. (Yelp)

Dr Toomari is simply the best. I first met Dr Toomari at Dignity Health Northridge Hospital he performed an appendectomy on me. We had a follow up appointment and that’s when I knew this doctor was amazing he really took his time and answered all my questions. He did a great job. 🙂
– Monika M. (Yelp)

Doctor Bhoot is such an amazing and knowledgable doctor. He knows his job and on top of that he has the best personality that you wont find in many doctors nowadays. On the first day i went to him i knew that i am in good hands.
– Nareh K. (Yelp)

Dr. Toomari performed an emergency appendectomy on me. There was barely any pain, post surgery. Making a follow up appointment was a breeze (online or call). The office is very clean and beautiful and the staff is friendly. Dr. Toomari spent his time patiently addressing all my questions and explaining how to care for the tiny incisions. He did a great job. Highly recommend 🙂
– Michelle W. (Yelp)

Dr. Bhoot performed my surgery and it could not have gone better. Dr. Bhoot is as good as it gets in both skill and temperament. He and his staff made me feel comfortable and confident from the first visit onward. I send my appreciation to Dr. Bhoot and his wonderful staff.
– Charlie M. (Yelp)

Dr Toomari is a very caring professional. He will discuss all your options and make sure you understand exactly what will happen before, during and after surgery. Always a positive experience when dealing with his office from the first appointment going forward. If you want a real doctor that will listen and take his time then you found the right person. I highly recommend Dr Toomari.
– Elle A. (Yelp)

I recently had a small surgical procedure done with Dr. Bhoot and I have to say that he made the experience very simple and pleasant. He explained all that he was going to do in terms that were fairly understandable. He did not hesitate to answer my questions and made me feel comfortable. Honestly, 5 stars are not enough to express how well this doctor does his job.
– Armen M. (Yelp)

Dr. Toomari gave me plenty of instructions and tips for taking care of my body before the surgery. When the surgery date finally arrived he again took care of me, and did his job to perfection. The healing process was super fast and I feel amazing. In two weeks I’ve healed 100%. Of course I have to take it easy for many months after but I feel safe and confident because of the amazing work done by Dr. Toomari and his wonderful staff. Highly recommend this place if you need any surgery that he provides.
– Greg S. (Yelp)

Dr. Bhoot has been a great doctor. He’s a fabulous surgeon and performed a life changing operation.
– Estate S. (Yelp)

Dr. Toomari recently performed a surgery on my husband. He was professional, capable, friendly and made sure we were informed throughout the whole process. The results of the surgery turned out better than I expected. He is a highly skilled professional. He always asks if we have any questions and spends time to answer completely.
– Tina G. (Yelp)

Super doctor. Swetlana is amazing, responsible and very friendly. I’m feeling very comfortable with him! Thanks for the new journey in my life!
– Meri A. (Yelp)

Hands down the best physician I’ve ever worked with, I can’t recommend him enough. Knowledgeable, friendly, caring, took the time to understand everything that was going on with me and was excellent at honestly and thoroughly explaining our options. After the procedure the excellence continued as I healed.
– Rebecca M. (Yelp)

I’m very happy that I chose Dr. Bhoot and he is indeed one of the very best surgeons in our area, and I would highly recommend him to operate on my own patients and my family too. Thank you again Dr. Bhoot and God bless! Dr. MN
– S.N. (Yelp)

I was referred to Dr Toomari’s office by my primary for a procedure I needed. I was very impressed with his knowledge and the time he took to explain things. My surgery went very well and I have healed very nicely since. As expected surgery is not fun but he made a very complicated surgery seem easy. He is as good as it gets in his field. I can not imagine a more perfect outcome or experience. I highly recommend him to all my family and friends.
– U.D.N. (Yelp)

Dr. Bhoot came home from vacation to make sure I was ok. He saved my life. Can’t say that about too many doctors these days! Not only is he caring, he’s nice too.
– F.M. (Yelp)

5 stars doesn’t do Dr. Bhoot and his staff any justice. I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Bhoots profile , when searching for a doctor. Intelligent, professional, excellent communication skills and very good patient / doctor interaction.
– Anahit B.

Hi, in fact I didn’t used to write any reviews, but after meeting Dr. BHOOT, and after he had helped me I really want to tell everybody about him, he is so professional, kind, intelligent, his clinic is so comfortable, the staff are very nice, I strongly recommend him if u need a clever surgeon.
– Mariam K.

Sorry I took so long to write Dr. Bhoot! I want to thank you for saving my life there are no words to describe how appreciative I am for you caring for me and having the patience to deal with me lol. Everyone he is by far the best Dr. I have met and would recomend him to anyone.
– Debbie B.