What is LINX?

LINX is a revolutionary long-term treatment for GERD that address the mechanical cause of GERD, and has been demonstrated to reduce dependence on medication and improve the quality of life.

LINX is a flexible ring of small magnets encased by titanium beads that is placed around the esophagus, just above the stomach. LINX is about the size of a quarter, and is designed to augment a weak LES and help prevent reflux. The FDA approved LINX in 2012.

LINX is indicated for patients who have been diagnosed with GERD, and want an alternative to continuous acid suppression therapy. LINX is designed to be a lifelong implant, but can be removed using a minimally invasive procedure.

How does it Work?

LINX is placed around the LES during a minimally invasive procedure, and
the strength of the magnets helps the weak LES remain closed to prevent reflux. When a patient swallows, the LINX magnets dynamically open temporarily, to allow food and liquid to pass into the stomach. The LINX procedure typically takes one hour. Many patients can go home within one day of the procedure, and can resume a normal diet immediately. Results may vary from patient to patient.

What are the Benefits of LINX?

  • 85% of patients were free from dependence on daily GERD medication.
  • 99% of patients eliminated regurgitation at 5 years.
  • Elimination of bothersome heartburn in 88% of patients at 5 years.
  • Patients reported a significant improvement in their quality of life..
  • It requires no alteration to the stomach anatomy.
  • It reduces gas and bloating.
  • It is MRI compatible..
  • It should not affect airport security.

Are there Any Side Effects?

The most common side effect is discomfort or difficulty swallowing, known as dysphagia. It is a normal part of the healing process and is often temporary.

LINX March 20, 2019